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Why mobile development is important for business?

The mobile application is able to increase the company's sales because it serves as a means of attracting and retaining customers.

15 years ago, companies that offered business owners to create websites barely received orders, because everyone threw up their hands and said“ "why do we need a website, who needs it because we are already selling?!" Today, a business without its own website is unthinkable. And those companies that took care of this tool in advance took the lion's share of customers, while others only sigh in disappointment that they could not get among the first.

After the Internet revolution, the era of mobile technologies has come. Right now it's time to use new effective tools that have literally burst into our world along with mobile devices. It's about mobile apps.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you understand how various functional applications, games, and entertainment work. And what can a mobile app do for business?

Increase in sales

Making a profit is the main goal of any business. All marketing tools should help to achieve this goal. The built-in functions of the application, such as, for example, a loyalty card and sending push notifications, allow you to motivate users to buy goods or services in your company, as well as instantly inform about various promotions and discounts.


Loyalty programs encourage repeat sales. For example, the accrual of bonuses motivates the customer to make several purchases before he can get a discount. That is, the buyer will come back again and again, accumulating points and the business will, again and again, make a profit and loyal customers.

People are already tired of the many bonus cards. The loyalty program in the mobile application replaces the bonus card and gives the buyer the opportunity to free up space in the wallet - a great way to win the customer's favor.

Attracting customers

To get new customers, offer your visitors an interesting bonus for installing the application. Everyone loves bonuses and discounts. And almost everyone has mobile devices. The application helps to launch new interesting marketing campaigns and thus stand out favorably from competitors.

For example, the company offers to get a 10% discount for life on certain types of goods/services or to receive an electronic coupon for a cup of coffee as a gift after installing the application. As a rule, visitors will order another cake or a full lunch with a cup of coffee. The company remains in the black, the business gets loyal customers.

Target audience

Today, everyone who is somehow connected with the promotion of business is talking about the target audience. The trick is that the mobile application accumulates only the target audience around itself.

Let's imagine a client sees an advertisement for a travel agency's mobile application, he is offered to install the application in order to be aware of the burning vouchers and special offers. Who will install this app? That's right, those customers who are already traveling or planning to go on vacation, that is, the target audience. After all, if the client is not traveling and he is not interested in this topic, then no matter how hard you try to motivate him, he will not download and install a travel agency application for himself.

And if a client installs a travel agency application for himself, then he is interested in the topic of travel and travel. Therefore, it is possible to send push notifications to him and offer rest options.

Building customer trust through push notifications

Push notifications are messages that come to the smartphone screen from the application. According to statistics, push notifications increase app traffic twice.

Let's say a client is going to work in the morning, picks up the phone, and looks through messages. He sees a push notification from a clothing store about a seasonal sale, clicks on the message, and goes to the application tab with an image of a beautiful dress or shoes that are sold at a huge discount. The client's attention was attracted, he studied the information and went to the company's website or to the application tab, where the visual content worked. The conversion of sales increases significantly.

Getting used to receiving some useful content, customers begin to wait for it, which means that trust in the company increases.

Detuning from competitors

To promote business, most companies use flyers, radio advertising, SMS marketing, websites, and social networks. There are barely a dozen apps in AppStore and GoolgePlay that are intended for customers within a certain city or region. This means that the use of a mobile application gives a stable competitive advantage.

Just imagine: a person in the city of Voronezh goes online from his mobile device to order pizza for dinner, and Google finds him a mobile application of the ready-to-eat delivery service. A person installs the application on his smartphone and makes an order.

If, for example, you look at the websites of ready-made food delivery companies through a computer browser, then you still need to work on getting into the first lines of search results. And the application allows you to get ahead of your rivals.

Google offers this opportunity today. Yandex also announced the possibility of setting up advertising campaigns in Yandex.Yandex. Direct for mobile applications.

Bundle "website application"

The application allows you to establish a permanent communication channel with potential customers. The company's website is able to attract traffic through search engines, and by redirecting users from the site to the mobile application, the company will continue to work with a potential client further. When the client closes the tab with the company's website, he stops interacting with the business, but when the site transfers the client to the application, then work with the client is just beginning.

How to do it?

Put a pop-up window on the site with an offer to get a bonus for installing the application.

At the end of each post, put a reminder about installing the application.

Put a redirect page to install a mobile app in GooglePlay if the client leaves the site.

The very existence of a mobile application does not solve all business problems, but in the right hands, it becomes a powerful tool for increasing profits.

Matt Sadowski / CEO of Mobile Reality
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